Delivering hours & hours of subtitles and dubbing per month consistently at highest quality. There are many means to make this happen, the key is in the Company’s Culture.
Creative communications to support and help the teams. Passionate work ethics that encourage quality results and zero tolerance against errors. 
These combined with the advanced technology platforms and tools – MediaTel is the new preferred place for one stop solution in Content Globalization industry.

Message From the Director

As a self-funded company with zero 3rd party investment when challenges were confronted, we focused on meeting with them head-on. These experiences have helped us cohere into a unique organization that outshine its competitors with passion, professionalism and persistence to deliver. The human-centric culture resulted in a strong team-work to deliver the highest standard outcomes. All of our language services are provided by native resources residing in native countries.


 Saurabh Arora 


The purpose of subtitling is to convey the complete and correct meaning to the audience. Translating movies and TV shows is not just about replacing words of one language with words of another, but to translate the meaning according to the context and the target audience.



Accuracy and consistency are our goals. Our clients will get documents translated with the full understanding of the subject and the context in all areas.


Transcription or Same Language Subtitling (SLS) makes reading practice an incidental, automatic, and subconscious part of popular TV entertainment.


Experienced and creative teams of translators, lyricists, casting directors, voice-over directors, musical directors, actors, singers, quality control officers and linguists.

Large database of talented males and females of all ages, prints of voices and types of characters.

Translators have the experience to produce classical, colloquial or hybrid translations of texts originally written in English, French, German and other languages.

In Colloquial Dubbing, we have teams of translators, directors and actors to produce dubbing in Egyptian or Syrian dialects, not to forget classical Arabic. Our services include dubbing from different languages to English, French, German and Arabic.

Lip-Sync by native language specialists.

Language Dubbing services to different categories e.g. Animation, Documentary, Live Action, Games etc. including features, series, TV-programs, promos and other types.

Plenty of studios enable us to produce various projects at the same time.

The most recent Mix technology, including “5.1” mix (surround).

Finally we are proud to say that we deliver the best quality and at the same time respect tight schedules and honor deadlines.


Content Enhancement

We have well trained eyes to spot & tag the keywords, objects, brands & celeberities in your content. We can help you create valuable metadata to encrich your videos & images. Let us brighten up those dimming archives for ya!


Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing (SDH) refers to regular subtitles in the original language where important non-dialog information has been added, as well as speaker identification, which may be useful when the viewer cannot otherwise visually tell who is saying what.


Quality Control

All files go through 2 phase checking process:

  1. Grammatical check: Carried out by professional reviewers who are trained on subtitling.
  2. Overall check: Carried out by a senior translator where files are checked for translation mistakes and finalized according to client specifications, before exporting the file in the final format (Srt, DFXP, etc.)

Fast Turnaround

We can handle projects in all volumes and schedule the turnaround according to client needs without compromising on the quality.



We calculate the cost per minute according to following factors:

1. The availability of a script for the material.

2. The volume of the project and turnaround time.

3.The type of material.

4. The final output.


Deals in 60 different languages including all the major Indian languages.